Hospital Services

The department of Otorhinolaryngology surgery and head and neck surgery provides diagnosis and treatment for problems of the ear ,nose and throat & tumors of the head & neck area. It was founded in 1995 as a separate department. Earlier it used to be under the surgical department. Master's degree(M.S.(ENT)) was recognized by MCI in 1968. Facilities in the department include microsurgery of the ear, treatment of hearing loss & rehabilitation of the hearing impaired, Rhinology & since disease laryngology & throat diseases & management of vocal disorders. This department also takes care of the patients of Head & Neck cancer which is so prevalent in this part of the country due to bad habit of Gutkha Chewing & Bidi smoking. It series the purpose of a regional cancer referral center.

Microsurgery of the ear is done for Ossicles trauma, Chronic otitis media, Cholesteatoma of the ear & their complications, Tympanoplasties, Meatoplasties etc.

Microsurgery of the ear is done for Ossicles trauma, Chronic otitis media, Cholesteatoma of the ear & their complications, Tympanoplasties, Meatoplasties etc.

  • Surgeries of the Ear

Microsurgery of the ear is done for Ossicles trauma, Chronic otitis media, Cholesteatoma of the ear & their complications, Tympanoplasties, Meatoplasties etc.

  • Endoscopic sinus surgery & Rhino logy

Endoscopic diagnosis and Endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis, nasal polyposis, orbital decompression Endonasal DCR, External DCR is being done regularly and all state of out equipments are available

         Laryngology and Head & Neck Surgeries

         Surgical and medical services are provided to patients having oral cavity, oropharynx ,laryngopharynx and laryngeal, pathologies, surgical procedures include tonsillectomy, microlavgnteal surgery , palatoplasty ,sleep apnoea thyroid bronchial apparatus and salivory gland surgery.

  • Head & Neck Cancer
     Patients with the cancer of the Head & Neck particularly carcinomas of the upper aerodigestive tract, salivary and thyroid gland are also managed. Multidisciplinary approach include biopsies, FNAC to these patients is adopted surgical procedures performed are laryngectomy, maxillectomy neck dissections (radical neck dissection and modified radical neck dissection through surgical reconstruction & speech & voice therapy is also provided

  • Emergency services
    Life saving procedures on tracheobronchial tree, foreign body removal from air and food passages trauma of Head & Neck region and epistaxis are some of the services provided in emergency infact many paediatric patients with foreign body bronchus are attended too
     Surgeries of plastic specialty
  • Neurotology
    Neurology services included diagnosis and treatment of patient with balance problem, facial nerve disorder and hearing loss caused by inner ear damage ,nerve problems or tumor of the ear and related structure

  • Audiology and speech therapy
    Evaluation and treatment services are provided for adults with speech, language, swallowing, balance , tinnitus & hearing problems. Services offered included hearing aid recommendations fittings, speech/language assessment & therapy ,dysphasia testing with therapy and augmentative alternative communication therapies for those who cannot speak .the Audiology and speech rehabilitation services are provided along with ENT OPD services at the centre.

      • List of surgeries performed during 2014 -2015:

        Operation Number
        2014 | 2015
        Mastoid Surgery 73 | 104
        Tympanoplasty 99 | 42
        Stapes 08 | 01
        FB Removal 08 | 02
        RND 06 | 02
        FESS 26 | 29
        TAR 43 | 83
        DCR 26 | 29
        Cleft Palate repair 01 | 05
        Tracheostomy 85 | 42
        Microlarynged Surgery 03 | 09
        Direct Laryngoscopy 73 | 56
        Oesophagoscopy 01 | 03
        Bronchoscopy 07 | 08
        Parotid Surgery 28 | 18
        Total 427 | 433




      • Teaching Facilities

                 This department has adequate teaching facilities for undergraduate students. It has a seminar room for seminars and lectures Undergraduate Teactling.

                 This institution has 100 undergraduate admissions. It gives a very comprehensive schedule for training undergraduate students in fields of ENT Head & Neck surgery. The training includes theoretical teaching with main thrust on bedside clinical & surgical training. Besides these is a healthy academic atmosphere for free discussion on clinical cases among faculty and resident staff.

                   Integrated lectures in medical college twice a week covering all topical relevant to the curriculum.

                   Clinical lectures in ODP darive clinical posting.

        Healthy Practices

        Instruments available at  Audiology and Speech Therapy unit:

        PTA with speech audiometer


        Impedance Audiometer


          • Audiology and speech therapy
          • Regular meeting of Association of ENT surgeons of Bhavnagar to discuss & share clinical knowledge.
          • Social service participation - Full Participation in diagnostic & therapeautic camps organized by Government & NGO
          • Future Plans
          • To start post-graduate studies
          • To start cochlear implant center.
  •          Surgeries are also done for Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip, Maxillary and Mandibular fractures.