Department is well equipped to carry out research activity in various areas and following research laboratories are available in the department like

  • Cardiovascular laboratory: With impedance cardiograph (NIVOMON from L & T) for measurement of Cardiac output, IPG and OIPG, VERSADOP from Diabetic footcare, Chennai for measurement of ABPI, Mobil-O Graph from Germany for PWA(in pipeline)
  • Respiratory Laboratory with sleep lab : With peak flowmeter, computerized spirometry and Diffusion capacity apparatus(in pipeline)
  • Exercise physiology laboratory: with TMT and Bicycle ergograph,
  • Electrophysiology laboratory : with (a) EMG, NCV and Visual and Auditory Evoked potential recording (b) EEG , RT and Biofeedback(Pulse, GSR, Temperature, Alpha, Respiration)
  • Autonomic function laboratory : with CAN 504 from diabetic foot care chennai for measurement of cardiac autonomic functions , VARIOVIN from genesis, Hyderabad for measurement of Heart Rate Variability etc
  • Computerised physiograph laboratory : with 10 digital physiograph for recording of spirometry. HRV. ECG. ENG, EMG. Pulse, Temperature, Respiration, GSR, STI , Phonocardiogram etc
  • Experimental physiology laboratory : with facility for amphibian and mammalian experiments with respirator, extended kymograph, operation tables, organ bath, Langendorff preparation, double glass distillation,animal nweighing machines, cork boring machine, Sherrington kymograpg, student stimulators, polygraphs, student physiographs
  • Physiological chemistry laboratory : with pH meter, single Pan balance, BMR apparatus, Urilyzer incubator, sterilizer, Spectrophotometer, Pyknometer, stalagnometer. Viscometer. Albuminometer, ureometer, and also kit for pregnancy test and digital ovucheck and hematology lab with micrometry, microscopic projection camera, demo. eyepiece, high spped centriuge etc
  • Clinical research laboratory : with ECG, Phonodoc for recording of heart sounds and murmer. Digital algometer(FDIX-50), Quantitative assessment of touch, temperature, vibration sensation with help of monofilaments, Biothesiometer, Vibrotherm, Foot Imprint for knowing tendency for ulcer. audiometry etc and also otoscopes, otorhinolaryngoscope, optometry sets, illuminated far and near vision charts , body composition analysis.