Following facilities and clinical staff is offered to the patients:

  1. Separate implant OT with fully electrical fibre-optic dental chair with unit along with physiodispensor and 2 implant surgical kits are available with the facility of bone augmentation and advanced implantology.
  2. Chair side x-ray machine with RVG machine for pre-operative and post-operative evaluation and comparison thereby an important tool for telemedicine concept.
  3. Light Cure machine for tooth coloured restoration, cosmetic dentistry and esthetic orthodontia, various world class brands of Composite and dental materials as per reality rating are available in the dept.
  4. Latest equipments with latest micro-mixing systems available for fixed and removable prosthodontics, separate maxillofacial prosthetics unit is also active for rehabilitation of oral cancer patients.
  5. Orthodontia is well flourished with both removable and fixed appliances including Begg's and PEA-techniques for various types of malocclusions, interceptive and preventive orthodontics, growth modification for skeletal jaw discrepancy in growing children and presurgical orthodontics for adult patients requiring orthognathic surgery for skeletal jaw discrepancy
  6. Other 3 chairs with units are available with all attachments in OPD segment for exodontias, trauma and other routine dental procedures.
  7. Separate dental laboratory for removable prosthodontia and orthodontics is available.
  8. Various types including high impact II, volaplast and chrome-cobalt denture facility is given to the patients.
  9. Ceramic restoration like metal fused to ceramic, all ceramic and procera with precious and non-precious metal restoration facility is available