The department has 2 separate operation theatre complex for the emergency and planned surgeries.
• 10-12 planned operations are carried out every day in orthopaedics operation theatre.
• In operation theatre, we have I.I.T.V.s for performing trauma surgeries.
• We have separate I.I.T.V. for the emergency operation theatre.
• We have basic infrastructure like cautery, overhead O.T. lights, air conditioners etc.
• There is laminar air flow for better surgical environment especially joint replacement surgeries.
• In operation theatre, we have shaver system for the arthroscopic surgeries.
• For Arthroscopic surgeries, we have arthroscopic instrument set.
• In operation theatre, we have different instrument sets like D.H.S. set, Proximal Femoral Nailing set, Femur Nailing set, Tibia Nailing set, Humerus Nailing Set, Tibia Plating set, Spine Surgery set, etc.
• In operation theatres, trauma and spinal surgeries are performed on fracture table with different attachments.
• Large horizontal autoclave machine provides autoclaving of instruments and implants for the surgeries.
• Recovery area in operation theatre has beds for postoperative patients care.
• We have 3 wards in orthopaedics dept. containing 30 beds each with average occupancy of 150% in each ward.
• All wards have basic facilities for orthopaedic patient care and treatment.