1. Hospital services

    • The Department of Medicine at Sir Takhatsinghji Hospital is totally dedicated to serve the poor patients of the society. It is not that other patients do not come. Patients come here for the specialized treatment of Acute and Chronic Renal Diseases, and whole spectrum of the society is reflected here.
    • Patients are treated on outdoor and indoor basis. Outdoor patients are treated in OPD no. 62, 63, 64 and indoor patients in wards 2, 10, Emergency Ward, ICCU and the Infectious Disease ward.
    • The department runs OPD on all six working days. There are four Medical Units.
    • Emergency services are provided 24 X 7 including national holidays.
    • The Diabetic Clinic OPD is run at UHTC on every Tuesday and Friday from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. The idea to run Diabetes Clinic at UHTC is to provide facilities near theire home in the heart of the city.
  2. Dialysis Unit

    • Dialysis unit has become the pride of the hospital and the Department.
    • Since its inception in July 1996 it has progressed tremendously as can be seen from the table.
    • It is equipped by five fully computerized machines that are the best available in the country.
    • The first two machines were donated by Shree Veenu Bhai Sanghvi and her wife with a small contribution from the Government.
    • These machines were non computerized but served their purpose well till July 2001.
    • At this time two fully computerized machines were given by the Government under the Oret project.
    • These machines are still running well.
    • In 2001 the Unit was shifted from the old building, where only one room was there to its present place which was big and had ample scope for future expansion.
    • It had separate room for procedure, staff, RO Plant, store and the doctor.
    • Since then the department has received donations from various philanthropists and has acquired three more fully computerized machines.
    • The old machines have since been phased out. RO Plant of 300 l/hr capacity was also donated in February 2005.
    • Before that we were using DM water manufactured under the supervision of scientists of Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI) Bhavnagar.
    • The staff is dedicated and works round the clock in case of emergency.
    • This is the only Medical College Hospital in Gujarat where the number of daily Dialysis is around ten.
    • Since Dr. Deepak Gupta has taken charge of the Unit the number of patients has increased tremendously as can be appreciated from the table given below.
Year No. of Dialysis
1996 (July onwards) 40
1997 439
1998 478
1999 464
2000 792
2001 1028
2002 1273
2003 1825
2004 2344
2005 3172
2006 (Till July) 1830
  1. Diabetes Clinic

    Diabetes Clinic was started in April at two places. The first was started at Sir T. Hospital in room no. 62 it runs on every Tuesday from 2-4 p.m. simultaneously a second clinic was started at UHTC at Sir Jaswantsinghji Dispensary in the heart of the city. The idea to start second clinic was to provide service to the patient at their door steps. Both these clinics are run by Dr. Deepak Gupta Associate Professor in Medicine along with Mr. Jayesh Andharia (male nurse). The idea to start Diabetes Clinic was to provide comprehensive care to the patients of Diabetes, the number of which is increasing day by day. The second aim was to screen patients for peripheral Neuropathy and Vasculopathy so as to prevent Diabetic Foot complication. Diabetes is the main cause of all non traumatic amputation in the world. Dr. Deepak Gupta and Mr. Jayesh Andharia received training in Identification and Management of Diabetic Foot at Mumbai by the Diabetic Foot Society of India. It was a two term course which they successfully completed and are now putting it to practical application. The response has been overwhelming. Even the foot ware is modified to off load the wound. The clinic has basic facilities and plans are afoot to acquire various instruments for providing better care to the patients.
  2. Special Services Provides By The Department

    Medicine Department is active not just in treatment of the patients but also on the social front. The department was active in organizing the Silver Jubilee APGCON in 2003. This was the first time that the Annual Conference of the Association of Physicians was held in Bhavnagar. In fact Dr. P.R. Jha was the Chairman of the Reception Committee and Dr, Deepak Gupta was the Organising Secretary.

    Besides this our department is participating in various health checkup camps organized by the government as well as the NGOs. Special services in the form of dietary advice and chart to Diabetic and Renal patients are also provided. Even foot ware is modified for the Diabetic Foot patients.

  3. Emergency Services

    Emergency services are provided round the clock by the department 24x7. One Assistant Professor is on call round the clock besides the Residents which are available in the hospital itself. We are proud to say that this is the only Government Medical College in Gujarat where the facility for Haemodialysis is provided round the clock 24x7.
  4. Stress Test

    The Department has facility for doing Treadmill Stress Testing of Cardiac and suspected Cardiac pain chest patients. Dr. Alpesh Vora is looking after this and performs them twice a week. The machine is fully computerized.
  5. Echocardiography Color Doppler Examination

    Echocardiography Color Doppler Examination is done by Dr. Sunil Panjwani
  6. EMG/NCV Test

    EMG/NCV is done by Dr. Panna Kamdar
  7. Teaching Facilities

    This Department has adequate teaching facilities for both undergraduates and postgraduates. It has a fully equipped seminar room for seminars & lectures. It is used for P.G teaching and presentations by the Post Graduates.
  8. Undergraduate Teaching

    This institution initially had 50 admissions for the undergraduate course that has now been increased to 100 from 2006 admissions every year and since 2012 there are 150 admissions every year . It gives a very comprehensive schedule for training undergraduate students in the field of Medicine. The training includes theoretical teaching with main thrust on diseases more common in India. Besides this bedside clinical training is given that also includes interpretation of Lab results and bedside procedures. Besides, there is a healthy academic atmosphere for free discussion on clinical cases among faculty and resident staff.
    1. Tutorials are held every week that covers ECG and X-Ray interpretations as well as lab diagnosis of various common illnesses.
    2. Theory lectures in the field of Medicine by the Senior as well as Junior staff are conducted regularly.
    3. Active participation of Postgraduate students for Undergraduate teaching.
    4. Integrated lectures in Medical College once a week covering all topics relevant to the curriculum.
  9. Healthy Practices

    • Regular monthly clinical meetings of CSI & API - Bhavnagar Branch are held in which the PG Students and Faculty present their interesting and problematic patients in front of all the members to discuss and share clinical knowledge.
    • Social service participation - Full participation in diagnostic and therapeutic camps organized by Government and NGO's is done by the PG Students and the Faculty.
  10. Future Plans

    • To start Portable 2 D Echo Doppler facility
    • To fully computerize Diabetes Clinic
    • To start Diagnostic and Therapeutic Gastroscopy