Publications of Pathology Department:


Research contribution in last five year    

Dissertations submitted to Bhavnagar University:-
FNAC of head and neck swellings � A Clinical study of 400 cases with cytohistopathological correlation of 180 cases - Dr. Lira Mahapatra in 2008
Study of haematological changes in Malaria Dr. Mayuri Thaker in 2008
A Histopathological study of Psoriasiform skin lesion biopsy Dr. Megha Yadav in 2009
Role of RBC Indices, Discriminant Functions, Cellulose Acetate and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis and HPLC in empirically treated cases of haemoglobin disorders ( A study of 50 cases ) Dr. Rekha Iyer in 2009
Role of cervical cytology and importance of the Bethesda System 2001 in patients with normal & abnormal looking cervix ( A study of 340 cases ) Dr. Lalji Valiya in 2010
Study of microalbuminuria in Diabetes and Hypertensive patients ( A study of 100 cases ) Dr. Vandana Patel in 2010

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NABL Accreditation     

Laboratory services, Sir T Hospital is the first Government Medical College in India. 
Laboratory to get Accredited by NABL. 
The laboratory completed its first surviellance ( which is done after one year of accreditation) successfully on 4th december 2010.

NABH Inspection     

Blood Bank Sir T. Hospital has successfully undergone the final assessment of NABH.

NABH Accreditation   

Blood Bank Sir T. Hospital recieved NABH Accreditation on 29 april 2011. It is the first Blood Bank in Saurashtra region to get NABH Accreditation


Laboratory services Sir T. Hospital has successfully completed second surveillance of NABL inspection.