Preventive and social medicine, a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention of disease and bring the awareness of the health in the society. The department was established at the same time when Medical College Bhavnagar was inaugurated, that was in the year 1995. Dr. A.R.N. Setalvad was first Professor & Head of the department. Present Professor & Head, Dr. M.P. Singh joined on 1st December 1998 and served the department till 31st October 2017.


PSM Publications


  • Undergraduate training.
  • Interns training.
  • Postgraduate training.
  • Research activities:
  1. PSBH Work shop
  2. MICS ( Multi integrated cluster survey)
  3. UIP( Universal immunization program) coverage.
  4. I.D.D. survey: The department has conducted resurvey of Bhavnagar & Amreli districts in 2000.

Epidemic investigation:

Malaria, measles, diphtheria, cholera, chikungunya, fever epidemic.

National Health Programs

  1. School health evaluation
  2. I.D.D. survey
  3. IPPI ( Intensive pulse polio immunization)/li>
  4. IMNCI (Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness)
  5. RCH


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  • Lecture Theatre : For 150 students
  • Two Demonstration Room : For 50 students each
  • Seminar Room : For 30 students
  • Departmental Library : 200 books
  • Museum: Well maintained museum with models & charts of public health importance.
  • Research Laboratory
  • Audio-Visual Room : Three TV sets, one VCR, one DVD player, one Laptop, two LCD projecftors, seven Computers
  • Entomology Laboratory
  • Telephone & Fax : 0278 2431866


 NINAD oration Award to rDr. M.p. Singh at IAPSM-GC conference, Karamsad, January 2011

  . Gold Medal from Breastfeeding Promotion Network of Indi (BPNI) for various activities organized during Breastfeeding Week to protect, promote and support breastfeeding by Dr. Ilesh Kotecha

  FAIMER fellowship for 2009-2010 (Fellowship for Advancement of International Medical Education & Research). It is two year South East Asia Regional Fellowship in health professions education methodology and leadership Dr. Ilesh Kotecha.


IDD Workshop

  October 2003

PSBH Workshop

 The department organized the PSBH (Problem Solving for Better Health) workshop for undergraduate students. The workshop is intended to create awareness and encourage undergraduate students about research methodology.

IPPI Boosting

 The department took up the project to boost up booth coverage IPPI in the area of Bortalav area in Bhavnagar city in October 2004. The project increased the booth coverage significantly. The project was funded by UNICEF Gujarat.

State Level Review Meeting

  april 2006

MSU review meeting

 Regional Workshop REVIEW & ASSESSMENT OF MALNUTRITION IN CHILDREN on 20 & 21st July`06

RRT ( Rapid Response Team ) for IPPI in Bihar & UP in the year 2004-2005


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Including information to the subjects of Demography, Health economics, Medical Sociology, Hospital management, Behavioral sciences inclusive of Psychiatry.

    • Objectives

    The student shall be able to:

    At the end of the course, the student shall be able to make use of:

    Teaching of community medicine shall be both theoretical as well as practical. The practical aspects of the training programme shall include visits to the health establishments and to the community where health intervention programmes are in operation.

    In order to inculcate in the minds of the students the basic concept of community medicine to be introduced in this phase of training, it is suggested that the detailed curriculum drawn shall include at least 30 hours of lectures, demonstrations, seminars etc. together with at-least 15 visits of two hours each.

    Theory Lectures (1 hour each) Field visits (2 hours each)
    Introduction to the subject PSM & Department Visit of the hospital
    Health: Definitions, concept and spectrum Record section


  • IMNCI Training Program : Integrated Management of Neonatal & Childhood illness: The department has been assigned the responsibility of conducting training of Medical Officers, Staff Nurses of Bhavnagar,Amreli & Junagadh districts along with TOT for health workers. The department has already completed TOT of health- workers and 3 batches of Medical Officers. The training of Staff Nurses is going to start from 29th August 2006.

  • MSU : Micronutrient Support Unit 
    Established in Sept. 2005 with the support of UNICEF & Govt. of Gujarat.Main activities of MSU are monitoring & supervision of following;
  1. Adolescent Girls Anemia control Program
  2. Vitamin A supplementation Program
  3. Universal Salt Iodization Program
  4. I.D.D. survey: The department has conducted resurvey of Bhavnagar & Amreli districts in 2000.

Presently this unit is looking after Bhavnagar , Amreli ,Junagadh and Surendranagar districts.

  • SAEP :School Adolescent Education Program ( sponsored by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society)
    This program was taken up by our department in 2005-06, in 38 schools of Botad & Gadhda Taluka of Bhavnagar district. 57 Nodal and 97 peer educators were trained by dept. faculties for four days workshop at Botad. These trained nodal teachers and PE trained 4793 students of 9


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